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How Do I Change the Cloud Owner?

The change of the cloud owner is necessary if another user is to become the administrator of the cloud. This includes, for example, a tariff alternation, an upgrade of the licenses or the change of the contract details.

For this, the current cloud owner goes to their settings, which can be reached via this link. In the section “Cloud details”, the cloud owner can be changed after entering the password.

The new cloud owner receives information via email. After the switching of the owner, both log out of the cloud and log in again. The change has been completed. Thereafter, only the new owner can manage the cloud or transfer it to someone else.

How to change the cloud owner How to change the cloud owner

Please note: If the cloud owner is to be changed, when they are no longer working in the company, the transfer can be done manually after previous legitimation by the factro team. Please contact us for questions and further information.