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How Can I Create Another Cloud?

You already have a factro account and a cloud and want to create another cloud?

To do so, click on

  1. the current cloud name,
  2. then got to the settings
  3. and click on the button “Cloud management”.

The cloud management in factro How to get to the cloud management

Please note: If you want to create a new cloud directly via the cloud management without access to a factro cloud, click here.

4.   You are now in the cloud management, where you have an overview of your clouds. Click on           the button “Neue factro Cloud hinzufügen” (Add new factro cloud).

How to create additional clouds                How to create additional clouds

You will then be directed to the tariff overview. You can either

5.   create a new basic cloud or

6.   book a Team, Business or Professional Cloud.

Tariff overview in factro              Tariff overview in factro