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Where Do I Define Whether the API or Webhooks May Be Used?

(De)activate API access

With the factor Core API, an open interface is available, which enables you to exchange data between factro and other applications. In factro, the cloud owner determines whether the use of an API is possible or not.

This option is available in the cloud owner’s personal settings. You find the technical documentation of the API under this link.

(De)activate the use of the API (De)activate the use of the API

Please note: Only data that is available in your tariff can be exchanged via the API. This means that realized efforts can only be accessed if you use the Professional Cloud.

(De)activate webhooks access

In the settings, you also have the possibility to (de)activate the access to the webhooks. As a cloud owner, you find the settings under this link.

Webhooks facilitate the fast communication between different systems, since information is exchanged automatically, as soon as events defined by you occur, for example a realized effort. The connection with your systems can be realized more directly and flexibly.

(De)activate the use of the webhooks (De)activate the use of the webhooks