How Is the Work Breakdown Structure Set Up?

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in factro is, in addition to the table, Kanban board and Gantt chart, part of the four project visualizations. The clear and visually strong structure provides a graphical and an organized depiction of the whole project. This results in clarity for all participants. The WBS consists of:

  • a project head (purple)
  • packages (smaller and purple)
  • tasks (white)

A package can contain additional packages, resulting in a deeper branched project structure, the unique project structure tree.


The factro Work Breakdown Structure The factro Work Breakdown Structure

In the project view “Structure” you intuitively build your individual structure by using the (+) icon and drag & drop:

Drag & drop in factro Drag & drop in factro

factro tip: Use the structure to acquire new customers! Build structures that fit your processes and save them as templates. During a pitch, your organized and structured work can be presented directly to your potential customers – and in best case, you can start working on the project immediately.