How to Assign Reading and Editing Rights

Assign reading and editing rights directly

In the free Basic Cloud, all users (including guest users) have reading rights for projects and tasks
Starting with the Team Cloud, you can now access reading and editing rights. With the rights, you decide which users in your factro Cloud are allowed to edit and change projects and project elements and which are only allowed to read them.

When creating a new project, you can define the rights in advance by clicking on "Edit access rights" and apply them by selecting "Save changes".

Inherited reading and editing rights

The assigned permissions are inherited top-down, starting from the top project level (blue project header) down the middle level (blue packages) followed by the lowest project level (white tasks).If you are in charge of the project, you automatically have editing rights for all contents of the project, without having to assign rights to yourself individually.

On another level, e.g. a task, you will therefore be listed under "Inherited write permissions". Other users' inherited rights can only be edited at the level from which they originate.

You can assign reading and editing rights directly when creating a new project You can assign reading and editing rights directly when creating a new project

It is also possible, to assign reading rights for a superordinate component, e.g. a project, while assigning editing rights only for certain elements, like tasks. This way you can decide, how your team members are able to contribute to the project.

Please note: Whether a user can see or edit individual projects is not related to the role as an Admin, Manager or Employee. The project manager alone is in charge of assigning permissions, not the permission groups. This means that even users with the Admin status cannot automatically see everything that is created in the Cloud.

Edit reading and editing Rights

You can make changes to the permissions anytime. Click on the project, package, or task button and open the rights assignment by clicking on "Share" in the upper right corner. The factro sharing dialog will then open, containing all information about the rights that have been granted. Here you can remove previously assigned rights or add new ones. After clicking on "Save changes", you can apply the adjustments.

You can change the assigned reading and editing rights anytime You can change the assigned reading and editing rights anytime

The "Sharing" section also supports you in assigning rights reliably and unambiguously. If, for example, a colleague has individual editing rights and receives the same again with a group, then factro offers to consolidate the duplicate rights and transfer them to the group. If you would remove rights for yourself, factro also alerts you to make modifications in time.

In addition, you will be informed if the employee role does not match the intended rights: For example, if a group is given editing rights to a project and has members of the "Employee" or "Guest" role, the project can only be seen by the corresponding colleagues.