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How Can I Change the Payment Method or Invoice Address?

View contract in the cloud management

As a cloud owner, you can easily change the payment method or the invoice address. For this, go to the cloud management via the cloud management, which you can access by clicking on your name in the top left-hand corner of the cloud and then on "Cloud management". There you will see a tile for each of your clouds. For the cloud for which you want to make changes, click on “Verwaltung” ("Administration").

Your contract information

If you scroll down the page, you will find the item “Rechnungsanschrift” ("Invoice address"). Here you click on  “Bearbeiten” ("Edit") and can now enter your new address. Finally, confirm your entries by clicking on “Änderung speichern” ("Save change").

Change your invoice adress

To change your payment method, click on one of the methods listed in the “Zahlungsinformationen anpassen” ("Customize payment information") field. You can choose between credit card, SEPA direct debit and PayPal. For annual terms, you can also pay by invoice. Once you have entered your details, click on continue and confirm them in the second step by clicking on “Änderung speichern” ("Save change").

This is how you can change your payment method

Information on payment methods

As soon as you provide a new payment method, it will automatically be used for open amounts from the past as well as payments in the future after successful authorization. Your contract term does not change due to a different payment method.

Please note: Please make sure that your newly selected payment method is valid and covered. When paying with credit card, make sure that the security procedures (e.g. Visa 3Dsecure, MasterCard Identity Check, American Express SafeKey) are activated and active.

For the SEPA direct debit, IBAN and BIC must be available, and the account must be located within the euro currency area. The authorization for PayPal payments is valid for 1 year, after that you have to enter the data again.