How to Create a Gantt Chart

The factro Gantt Chart is available in the Business and Professional Cloud and offers an appealing project visualization that you can use for your project planning and realization. It is an ideal visualization to keep an eye on your projects' timetable, which is always updated live. Set milestones for important events and decisions, and define dependencies between tasks in the form of predecessor-successor relationships.

The factro Gantt Chart The factro Gantt Chart

To create a Gantt chart, follow these steps

  1. To start, create a new project with its Work Breakdown Structure.
  2. Switch the project view from “Structure” to “Gantt”.
  3. Define dependencies between tasks in the Gantt chart, and mark very important tasks as milestones. Your Gantt is ready!
  4. Now, you can organize your project. The individual tasks are presented as white bars in the default setting. Packages are colored blue in the default setting, just like the whole project. You move them forward or backward in time via drag&drop.
  5. Critical Chain: The project timeframe is the start time of the task that begins earliest and the end time of the task that ends latest. The chronological and logical sequence of all tasks creates the so-called "critical chain". However, in factro it is not separately visualized.

💡 Tip: Define processes once and save them as a template: factro remembers dependencies and time intervals. This way, you only have to select one start date for new projects, and the entire project is automatically scheduled.