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How to Export Data

To export data from factro in the form of an Excel chart, use the function “Excel export”. You will find this behind the settings wheel of a list (or table) view, starting from the Business Cloud. To protect the company know-how, projects can only be exported by users with the permission group "Admin", users of the authorization group "Manager" can also save the controlling.

Export tables

You can export all table views to process them in Excel afterwards. This includes task, project, user, controlling and contact lists as well as your individual favorite lists. If you have set filter or field list entries, they will be taken into account when formatting the export table.

This is how you export the task list This is how you export the task list

Most of the data of your factro projects can be turned into an Excel chart. This includes the title, state, priority, deadline indicator, time periods, efforts, officers and assignees as well as the respective projects and packages. The assigned tags are also exported.

factro exports according to the internet standard with UTF-8 encoding. The app that you use to import the data has to be set accordingly if it does not recognize the encoding itself.

This data is not exported

However, not all contents that you see in factro can be export. This includes comments, checklist items and attachments.

Export the Gantt chart

It is also possible to export the Gantt chart (starting with the Business Cloud). However, the exported data does not correspond to the structure of the list view, but represents the Gantt structure from left to right. The filters and field list entries are also taken into account in this export.

Besides the export function for these views, you can print the Gantt chart and the Work Breakdown Structure. You can find all information about this here.

Export the Gantt chart in factro Export the Gantt chart in factro