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How to Book Work Times

With the time tracking in factro, available in the Professional Cloud, you have a full-featured function, offering you the possibility of professional project management. You can manage your time resources and track your project progress with planned, realized, remaining and remaining efforts. The forecast informs you about at which actual effort the task or project will end, based on the actual and remaining effort.

Changing the task effort automatically affects the corresponding package and project effort. These are calculated automatically by factro and cannot be changed manually. The project effort shows you the work or personnel hours and results, according to the bottom-up principle, from all task efforts.

The effort in a task in factro                                                                                              The effort in a task in factro

Efforts in factro

Here you will learn more about the different types of efforts

Planned effort

The officer determines the planned effort. This is based on experience or estimates derived from projects or tasks that have already been successfully completed.

Realized effort

  1. Click on the button "Booking".
  2. A screen appears in which you can enter the date of the made effort as well as the start and end time. Afterwards you can add more details for colleagues in the comment section or for customers in the description field and click on "Book". The previously used internal and external booking details in factro have been replaced by these fields.

A screenshot of the time recording in factro A screenshot of the time recording in factro

The executor of a task uses the planned effort as an orientation and books the actually time spent using the actual effort. This way they can organize their work. Based on the actual effort the officer can tell whether the planning was realistic or needs to be adjusted. This will help gathering experience for future planning.

Please note: Work times can not be entered for other team members, only in their own name. Besides employees, manager and admins can book work times. The authorization group "Guest" can neither enter nor view times.

Remaining Effort

The planned effort can be increased or decreased by hours, using the remaining effort. The remaining effort enables the adjustment of the time to be spent to the current project situation. This way, project planning and project reality will go hand in hand.

You can also set the rest effort manually                                                                                              You can also set the rest effort manually


Based on the forecast, the officer can see whether the project budget is expected to be adhered to or has already been exceeded. This value results in the sum of the actual effort and the remaining effort.

Manage your work times

Under the menu item "Work times", you can find your personal overview of all your booked efforts and directly enter additional hours. In the weekly overview, you can see all activities of the current calendar or work week and also switch to the previous weeks.
Here you can see the sum of all your booked times per task and day, as well as the entire week at once.

The central overview of time recording in factro The central overview of time recording in factro

In the field "Booking recommendations", you can find your recently processed tasks and thus quickly book efforts. The segment "Last bookings" shows you all your bookings in a timeframe chosen by you. You can adjust the timeframe via a filter or narrow it down in the quick selection to 30 or 60 days, the current or last month as well as the current or last year.

You can also book a new effort without directly being in the task. Click on the "Booking" field for an empty day and select the corresponding task with the selection guide from the booking recommendations, together with the task in which you are an executor or an officer.

Overview of all bookings

If you want to have an overview of the bookings of other users in the cloud, for example for your own accounting, you will find these under "Work Times" in the tab "All bookings" in the form of a table. Here you are able to understand, filter and sort all bookings and appointments. You have the recorded time, the date and time of day as well as the respective task close at hand and can also see whether comments or a description were add.

Please note: Starting from the authorization group "Manager" you can export the controlling as CSV or XLSX for backup or further processing.

Use Appointments and Efforts Separately

In the factro calendar, you also have the option of creating appointments, apart from bookings. You can recognize the bookings by their purple entries, whereas appointments are highlighted in white. You can book times for a task based on an appointment, but you can also handle both topics separately.

Please note: In the Basic, Team and Business Cloud you only use planned efforts.