How to Connect Tasks

Starting with the Business Cloud, factor distinguishes between predecessor and successor relationships that can be set in the Gantt chart.

Connect tasks

This is how you set dependencies This is how you connect tasks

  1. Click on the task bar. A blue circle appears on the right side that you click on. Therefore you activate the pulsating circles next to the tasks that are not yet related to the selected task.
  2. Connect the blue circle with one or more of the pulsating circles. In this way you set a dependency or dependencies between the selected tasks. The task clicked first becomes the predecessor task. The task clicked second becomes the successor task.
  3. As a result an arrow appears between the now interdependent tasks, which is now pointing in the direction of the successor task. If the arrow is red, this means that the successor task is ahead of the predecessor task in terms of time and is therefore in a time conflict.

Delay successor

If you want to solve this time conflict, you can move the successors of the task whose end or start date (if there is no end date) was changed by the same time difference. The requirement for this are editing rights for the entire chain of subsequent tasks.

How to successors with one click Move all successors with one click

Please note: If you have editing rights for one package only within a project (but nor for the whole project), you cannot move the whole chain of successors, if some of them are also included in other packages.

If you are an employee or a guest (or a manager or an admin without write permissions) and you are only executing a task, you can only move the timeframe of this task but not the timeframe of the following chain. Here you can find more information about the possibilities and limitations of the execution of a task.

Disconnect tasks

This is how you resolve dependencies This is how you disconnect tasks

You would like to release a wrongly set dependency?

  1. For that you go to the “Links” column.
  2. Click on the paper clip icon next to the corresponding task. An overview screen with the "Linked tasks" opens.
  3. Click on the x icon and thereby delete the connection.

Link tasks

Regardless of your cloud versions, you can also create connections between tasks in the task details via the "Linked tasks" field, even across projects. Click on "Link new tasks", select the tasks with a mouse click and confirm your selection under "Add".

By default, the list of tasks of the associated project opens, but in the drop-down menu you can also search all your tasks and create a shortcut.

How to link tasks How to link tasks