What Is the Kanban Board?

The factro Kanban board corresponds to the traditional project management version. It offers four fixed columns that are based on the task statuses “planned”, “in progress”, “review” and “done”. These states are assigned manually to the tasks and provide an overview of all upcoming tasks. The Kanban board also automatically sorts the tasks according to priority and deadline, so that you can keep track of all your tasks.

Starting with the Business Cloud, factro offers the cross-project Kanban board in addition to project-specific Kanban boards. This distinguishes it from agile boards. You can find it on your dashboard under "My tasks".

To provide the cross-project Kanban board, the task statuses in factro are fixed. If you want to add individual, project-specific states, we recommend using tags. Assign a respective tag to a task and then filter, sort, and group the task list according to it.

Project-specific Kanban board

The project-specific Kanban board is one of the four factro project views and shows you tasks that belong to a specific project. It serves to track the progress of your project. The Kanban board is sorted in this order: traffic light status, end date and priority.

The project-specific Kanban Board The project-specific Kanban Board

Cross-project Kanban board

Starting with the Business Cloud, factro also offers a cross-project view under "My tasks", which gives you an overview of all your tasks across the cloud that need to be completed as part of your day-to-day business. This serves as a solution for a complex multi-project management.

The cross-project Kanban Board The cross-project Kanban Board

In the cross-project Kanban board, you can choose between two sorting methods. First, sorting by urgency, which means that the tasks are sorted by traffic light status, end date, and priority. The "priority" setting sorts the tasks in descending order by traffic light status, priority, and end date, which is the second setting.