How Do I Manage Multiple Projects at Once?

Starting with the Business Cloud, the project table, the project overview, the timeline and the cross-project Kanban board (“My tasks”) provide an ideal basis for your multi-project management and the monitoring of all your projects.


The table focusses on a project list, that you can filter, sort und group individually.

Table view of your projects Table view of your projects


The overview shows all your projects with an emphasis on progress and critical tasks.

The project overview in factro The project overview in factro


With the help of a movable time axis, the project timeline gives you a chronological overview in the form of bars across all projects and the corresponding milestones. This visualization depicts when projects overlap and when milestones of particular importance are pending in the project progression.

The cross-project timeline in factro The cross-project timeline in factro

Kanban Board

The project spanning Kanban Board under “My tasks” helps you to keep an overview of your (upcoming) tasks. You can see urgent and important tasks in your daily business across projects.

The Kanban Board is structured according to the task statuses “planned”, “active”, “review” and “done”. It breaks down entire projects into specific tasks and in this way supports you in managing multiple projects.

The cross-project Kanban Board The cross-project Kanban Board