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What Do I Find Under "My tasks"?

The dashboard “My tasks”

Starting from the Business Cloud, in the view “My tasks” you will find all cross-project tasks and subtasks for which you are an executor. They are sorted by urgency in a 4-column Kanban board or grouped by calendar weeks in an agenda. All the tasks you see here are involved in current projects or have no project allocation.

Tasks from finished projects are not displayed here; tasks from planned projects are only displayed if you select “active and planned projects”.

The cross-project Kanban Board "My Tasks" The cross-project Kanban Board "My Tasks"

How do I switch between Kanban and Agenda view?

The view is configured via the gear icon in the upper right corner. You can decide whether you want to hide dependent tasks. This means that successor tasks are only displayed once the predecessor tasks have been completed.

You can also optionally show or hide subtasks.

The Configuration of the Kanban rows                                              

You can switch between Agenda and Kanban via the gear wheel